Saturday, 25 June 2016


These larger than life silhouette sculptures stand on the Swan River foreshore, just across the River from the Perth CBD, in the suburb of Como. This area is just a little difficult to reach, being separated from the residential area by the busy Mitchell Freeway. A pedestrian overpass must be used.

There are nine representations of the good people of the area, all in black. This includes older people, children, and families. The silhouettes themselves contain 'cutouts', with shapes of local landmarks. The intent of the artwork is to represent the history, environment, and community of the region. The artists who created the works are Danka Scholtz von Lorenz and Jason Hirst.

My favourite piece is shown here: Two children looking out towards the river, the little girl looking pensive or apprehensive, and the boy more confident and somewhat protective, whispering a word of reassurance perhaps. The archetypal male/female couple in evolution...

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