Monday, 13 November 2017


Today's mosaic is inspired by and (based on, literally) a real mosaic by artist Carol Hill who lives south of Adelaide, in South Australia. This is her website here, please visit and admire her fine mosaic work. The mosaic by Carol is in the lower part of the image, and on top of that I added my selected photos that seemed to me to harmonise with the themes of the three panels.

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  1. Absolutely marvelous! Love the way the photos compliment the mosaic below.

  2. What a brilliant idea, love the images you chose to represent the colours of the mosaic tiles. I see more of this type of collage coming our way in the future, I think you could do so much with this concept.

  3. If you hadn't explained it, I would have thought it was all part of one piece of art ... so seamless!