Thursday, 6 September 2018


A happy coexistence between the blue Ipheion and the orange Lampranthus in our garden, now that Spring is springing.

Ipheion uniflorum (starflower, spring starflower) belongs to Allioideae, a subfamily of the family Amaryllidaceae. They are small bulbous perennials with narrow grass-like leaves and honey-scented star-shaped flowers in spring, usually in shades of white or pale blue. The genus occurs naturally in Argentina, Uruguay, and southern Brazil, although Ipheion uniflorum has naturalized elsewhere.

Lampranthus is a genus of succulent plants in the family Aizoaceae, indigenous to southern Africa. All species of this genus have unusually large, bright flowers, of a range of colours (sometimes even bi-coloured), that usually appear in spring to summer, and frequently cover the plants entirely. The species of this genus typically have long, smooth, elongated, succulent leaves. These can be triangular or cylindrical, and like all plants in its family, appear in opposite pairs on the shrubs' branches.

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