Monday, 2 December 2013


The Black-necked Stork (Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus) is a tall long-necked wading bird in the stork family. It is a resident species across South and Southeast Asia with a disjunct population in Australia. It lives in wetland habitats to forage for a wide range of animal prey.

Adult birds of both sexes have a heavy bill and are patterned in white and glossy blacks, but the sexes differ in the colour of the iris. In Australia, it is sometimes called a Jabiru although that name refers to a stork species found in the Americas. It is one of the few storks that is strongly territorial when feeding.

This is a watercolour painting I did several years ago.

This post is part of the Blue Monday meme.


  1. Oh, Nick, you did this? How blue-tiful! I really like it. I never knew you were so talented.

    Have a good Blue Monday.

  2. Beautiful photo and great history of the birds.

  3. You are quite talented as an artist. The movement, the colors all make it so lovely. Thanks for posting it. I would love to have it for my desktop!

  4. The blues are so beautiful, and the birds capture a feeling of motion, great!

  5. How lovely! You have captured the flight of the birds wonderfully well.