Monday, 4 March 2019


Four bushfires in Victoria’s east have joined into a raging blaze, putting lives and homes at risk as winds fuel the out-of-control fire. The fires merged at Bunyip state park near Tonimbuk, about 65km east of Melbourne, causing a blaze of about 3,400 hectares in size, last Saturday. An emergency warning was issued, with residents told it was too late to leave.

Tonimbuk, which borders Bunyip State Park, was in the direct path of a massive fire that swept through over the weekend. A map of the area from the Country Fire Authority shows a large section of black over the township, which is believed to have been all destroyed. At the last census, Tonimbuk was home to 208 people. Winemaker Andrew Clarke is among them. As bushfires ripped through the region, he could do nothing but stare at a screen in horror and disbelief at what he was watching on live TV: His winery and vineyard exploding in flames...

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  1. Hello, the wildfires are so scary. I hope no one was hurt. It is sad to loose homes, winery and property. Happy Monday, enjoy your day! Wishing you a great new week ahead!

  2. So sad and scary to even think of the possibility, but hope the victims of these destroying fires will get help to start life over. Thank you for sharing the ones who are in need with All Seasons!

  3. Nick - bushfires and wildfires can be fast-moving and so destructive. I can only hope that only property was affected; losing lives to these natural events is a hard outcome to stomach. I appreciate you linking to Mosaic Monday and making all of us aware of these happenings.