Wednesday, 27 March 2019


We’ve all seen bridges around the world bedecked in shiny (or not so shiny) locks with engraved initials or messages to lovers, best friends or family. This is from the Yarra River Footbridge in Melbourne, which links the City with Southbank.

Yet whilst love lock bridges look picturesque and romantic, they’re not as good an idea as they seem. One of the most famous love lock bridges, the Pont des Arts in Paris, took a stand against the thousands of padlocks along the bridge back in 2015 by removing every single one and any that came after. Why? Because the massive number of locks on the bridge is actually dangerous. Adding all those metal locks to a bridge that was built to hold and carry a certain weight creates structural damage and even the risk of the bridge collapsing into the river.

Hundreds of kilos of locks added every month may cause damage to the bridge railing or even parts of the bridge to collapse. Send flowers instead.

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  1. Ah yes.... I saw them during a holiday in Germany on a bridge... never used one myself so far

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  2. i remember reading about the danger from the locks!

  3. I hadn't thought about that - good point.

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