Wednesday, 14 October 2015


Naxos (Greek: Νάξος, pronounced [ˈnaksos]) is a Greek island—at 429 km2) the largest of the Cyclades island group in the Aegean. It was the centre of archaic Cycladic culture. The island is famous as a source of emery, a rock rich in corundum, which until modern time was one of the best abrasives available.The largest town and capital of the island is Chora or Naxos City, with 6,533 inhabitants (2001 census). The main villages are Filoti, Apiranthos, Vivlos, Agios Arsenios, Koronos and Glinado.

Illustrated is the site of the ruins of the temple of Apollo with the surviving grand entrance way, known locally as "Portara" (=big door). The building of the temple was begun in 530 BC by the tyrant Lygdamis, who said he would make Naxos's buildings the highest and most glorious in Greece. Only the walls were mostly completed when he was overthrown in 506 BC; the temple was never finished.

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  1. Oh wow! Lovely!

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  2. Hi Nick

    Seems to be a wonderful place.... maybe someday i will be there

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  3. Naxos is great, Greece is full of surprises and historically very interesting. It is the cradle of Europe! Let's hope that Greece will recover from the crisis nowadays.
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  4. The sea is always so blue there. Amazing photo.
    JM, IL-U.S.A.

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