Thursday, 1 September 2016


Iris × hollandica, commonly known as the Dutch iris, is a hybrid iris developed from species native to Spain and North Africa (Iris tingitana × Iris xiphium). Two varieties of Iris xiphium (var. praecox) from Spain and (var. lusitanica) from France, were crossed with Iris tingitana (from North Africa). This was carried out by a Dutch bulb firm 'Van Tubergen' (based in Haarlem) in the 19th century.

Because the bulb could be forced in a greenhouse to flower early, it was popular with florists. Since the 1900s it has been crossed with other species to create various cultivars. After the Second World War, stocks of bulbs were imported to America. They then increased the colour range mainly the yellows. Illustrated here is the cultivar "Blue Magic".

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  1. Had no prior knowledge of this iris'common name, but it's serendipitous that this is the iris I painted (you'll see that next month in my next edition of my art notes blog):)