Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Scented Leaved Pelargoniums are shrubby, evergreen, perennials grown chiefly for their fragrance, and they may be species or cultivars, but all must have a clear and distinct scented foliage. Scent is emitted when the leaves are touched or bruised with some scents aromatic, others pungent and in a few cases, quite unpleasant. Several of the scented leaved pelargoniums are grown for the oil ‘geraniol’, which is extracted from the leaves and is an essential oil much used commercially in perfumery.

The scent of some species growing in their natural habitat, acts as a deterrent to grazing animals who appear to dislike the emitted scent. Conversely, it also attracts other insect life to visit the bloom and pollinate the plant. The scented leaves can be used for potpourri and they also have a use as flavourings in cooking. Leaves are lobed, toothed, incised or variegated.

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  1. Very pretty! I remember that my grandmother had one with scented leaves when I was little.

  2. Beautiful colour! And nice details in your excellent photo.

  3. A flower I can´t have. I´m allergic to it. :(