Thursday, 4 February 2016


The Alnwick® Rose (Ausgrab) bred by David Austin is a very beautiful, full flowered, old fashioned rose variety with blooms of a lovely soft pink. Pretty rich pink, cup shaped buds gradually open to a deeply cupped flower; later developing into a broad, full-petalled, shallow cup of a soft pink which is paler at the outer edges - a most pleasing progression. The flowers are beautiful at all stages; this illustrates very well the great variety of form to be found in the Old Rose style.

'The Alnwick Rose' has nice rounded, bushy growth and produces its bloom intermittently from early summer to the onset of frost. Plentiful green foliage ideally complements the flower. There is a good Old Rose fragrance with just a hint of raspberry. This rose is named after the superb Alnwick Garden. This garden belongs to the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland and is one of the great gardens of Britain, including many English Rose varieties.

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