Friday, 12 February 2016


White Cedar whose scientific name is Melia azedarach (L.), is also commonly known as Persian Lilac, Chinaberry and Umbrella tree. White Cedar is native to Australia and South East Asia. It is distributed mainly in the northern part of Australia mainly in Queensland and eastern New South Wales. It is also found in the Kimberleys.

The flowers are small with pale purple and white petals of five. The flowers are often found growing in clusters. The stamens are clustered into a cylindrical dark purple tube 6-8mm long (see here for photos of flowers). The fruit of the White Cedar is round and green when first formed, fleshy and yellow in colour when mature (1.5 cm in diameter). Fruits are poisonous to humans and some other mammals but birds are able to eat the fruits and thus disperse the seed through their droppings. Some reports suggest that 6-8 fruits can be fatal to humans.

This post is part of the Friday Greens meme.

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  1. A dangerous beauty.
    Wonderful green foliage !
    Greetings from Germnay