Monday, 9 September 2019


We have had a return of the Winter weather lately with rain, cold and wind keeping things cosy indoors. Not that walks out into the Parklands are contraindicated!

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  1. Here in the sunny Desert Southwest, I'm longing for a few grey skies!

  2. Good for you to get out there in the weather!!! Love the shot of the raindrops on the surface of the water. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  3. We've had warm weeks with short cool rains. Pretty soon it will long cold rains and short sun breaks. - Margy

  4. Sorry, it would look more comfortable to me to stay inside - a very rainy Spring! Since you commute, you don't have any choice, eh? The flowers in this kind of weather look extra fresh, and the green an intense value. Many thanks sharing it with all Seasons! Hope for you the real spring weather will soon appear! Hope it gets more dry this week!

  5. Such a nice gentle rain you captured.