Monday, 11 November 2019


A selection of photos of my art.

This post is part of the Mosaic Monday meme,
and also part of the Blue Monday meme,
and also part of the Seasons meme.


  1. All colorful, and my very favorites are the third one on the first row, and the first one on the 2nd row, because of the color, and the flow.My goodness, what an outbreak of creativity, Nick, or was this over a period of time! Even more amazed I am how you had the time to do this on top of doing 3 blogs, and your job! With much respect and thanks linking up to All Seasons. Have a wonderful week!
    Smiled about your comment you first thought it was a painting about Rapunzal - I had 'escape" on my mind:)

  2. Great colour combinations and fluid movement in your strokes. - Margy

  3. Yes, I agree with the comments above about the feeling of movement in this art. My favorite is the first on the second row - evoked "sea turtle" for me, and I love those creatures. Thanks for sharing your talent with Mosaic Monday!